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The main focus of EOMAS is on the role, importance, and application of modeling and simulation within the extended organizational and enterprise context. This context implies that systems and software applications are designed to enable certain business processes, and to facilitate interaction of the actors, the system, and the environment. Thus, application of modeling and simulation in this extended context involves a number of socio-technical aspects (Information Systems (IS), Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), Software Systems, and Business Systems, Business Processes, Human Interaction, etc.), as well as technical challenges as security, big data, etc.

Suggested Topics

  • Enterprise Modeling and Simulation
  • Information Systems Modeling and Simulationtion
  • Business Processes Modeling and Simulationtion
  • Ontologies in Modeling and Simulationtion
  • Domain-specific Modeling and Languagestion
  • Business Process Innovation through Business Analyticstion
  • Business Rules Modelingtion
  • Organizational Modeling and Simulationtion
  • Animation Modeling and Simulationtion
  • Modeling and Simulation Methods, Techniques, and Tools and their Combinationstion
  • Modeling and Simulation Guidelines for Practitionerstion
  • Models Evolvabilitytion
  • Business Process Modeling & Simulation using Petri net, Arena, UML, EPC, BORM and similar approachestion
  • Case Studies on Modeling and Simulationtion
  • Transformation of Conceptual Models into Implementation Models, Model-Driven Engineering, Implementations of Simulation Modelstion
  • Requirements Modeling and Simulationtion
  • Secure Business Process Modeling and Simulationtion
  • Modeling and Simulation Tools Demonstrationtion
  • Big data simulationtion
  • Simulations for Business Analyticstion
  • Human and Cognitive Aspects of Modelingtion
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