Call For Papers

Modeling & Simulation (M&S) is increasingly becoming a powerful tool in analyzing, designing, and engineering complex systems such as enterprise systems. The main focus of this workshop is on the role, importance, and application of Modeling and Simulation to Information Systems (IS), Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), Software Systems, and Business Systems in the context of Organization and Enterprise. The context of organization and enterprise implies that systems are designed to enable certain business processes, and to facilitate interaction of the actors, the system, and the environment. Thus, application of M&S to information systems involves the inclusion of social aspects and involvement of human actors too.

Traditionally, Modeling & Simulation have been endorsed as instruments to observe dynamic behavior of systems, measure IT impacts on organizations, and outcomes of changes. In the current context of open-source software development, service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and business process outsourcing (BPO), M&S assumes even more significance in assessing business process management effectiveness, alignment between business process models and corresponding SOAs, alignment between the client and vendor business strategies in a BPO contract, etc. using embedded simulation in enterprise and organizational models. In addition to extensive research programs, the field of M&S is actively attracting industry and tool developers. For businesses, the practice of M&S is becoming a de facto standard tool to measure, change and improve their business processes on regular basis.

In addition, there is a growing interest in this field from educational and curriculum perspective with programs at all levels including doctoral level (IS and MIS (management information systems) majors). This workshop also welcomes original papers addressing and strengthening the teaching of the Modeling & Simulation discipline pertinent to the organization and its business processes. The workshop will also organize a panel on M&S Education (see Panel).

This workshop is aimed to become a major outlet and networking opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and educators interested in the theory and application of Modeling & Simulation pertaining to IS, EIS, Organizational Processes, and Business Systems.