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Assoc. Prof. Vojtěch Merunka
Czech Technical University in Prague,
Czech University of Life Sciences
Czech Republic

The BORM Method

The practically-oriented workshop introduces learners to the principles of BORM (Business Object Relation Modelling) method. The BORM method will be compared with alternative approaches using EPC or BPMN for modelling and simulation of organisational and business processes. It will be shown that BORM represents the original way of using UML standard.

BORM theoretical background uses the mutual synergy of two pillars to the modelling and simulation: Communicating FSM and object-oriented approach. Next important BORM feature is the gradual transformation of models at different stages of the project, so the process models (diagrams) are the provable and verifiable result of previous information resulting from transformation rules (similar to the MDA principles) over the concepts of business modelling, through the conceptual modelling phase, to the implementation phase. It means that BORM principles can be applied as a requirement engineering technique in a standard but also in the agile way of managing a software project.

Simplified examples of practical projects, which the author has done over the last ten years, will be used in this workshop.

Short Bio

A university teacher and OOP evangelist Vojtěch Merunka was born in 1967 in Čáslav, Central Bohemia, where he spent his early life and graduated from high school.

Originally a master in computer engineering, he became a Ph.D. in data processing and mathematical modelling and an associate professor in information management at the Czech University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Management and the Czech University of Technology in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering. He has worked for many years as a freelance programmer and also as an expert for business process modelling at Deloitte consulting company.

Vojta is primarily interested in the pure object-oriented programming in Smalltalk, object-oriented databases and is a co-author of the BORM method on the FSM-based object-oriented analysis and simulation of organizational and business systems. He is a member of program committees of several international conferences and a co-founder of the SIGMAS (Special Interest Group on Modelling and Simulation at the AIS), where the EOMAS workshop originated.

Vojta has among other activities long been concerned in conlanging, beekeeping and playing the traditional Czech bagpipes.

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