It is with a sad heart that we announce that EOMAS 2020 has been cancelled. Due to current problematic situation, not enough submissions were submitted.

We thank everybody for support and we will be looking forward to meeting in better times!

In modern enterprises, business process management, decision making, and modeling and simulation (M&S) play a significant role.

The main focus of EOMAS is on the role, importance, and application of modeling and simulation within the extended organizational and enterprise context. This context implies that systems and software applications are designed to enable certain business processes, and to facilitate interaction of the actors, the system, and the environment. Thus, application of modeling and simulation in this extended context involves a number of socio-technical aspects (Information Systems (IS), Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), Software Systems, and Business Systems, Business Processes, Human Interaction, etc.), as well as technical challenges as security, big data, etc.

EOMAS has been designed to prive a quality research outlet and networking opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and educators interested in the development and application of modeling and simulation within the enterprise and organizational context.

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All past papers of EOMAS were published in the Springer series of LNBIP or in Journal Special Issues and indexed by WoS.

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