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Dr. Josef Pavlíček, Dr. Petra Pavlíčková
Czech Technical University in Prague,
Czech University of Life Sciences
Czech Republic

Methods for evaluating the quality of process modelling tools

This workshop deals with the comparison of BPMN and BORM process modelling tools in the form of Usability study. We will practically present the methods used to compare, define the appropriate equipment of the laboratory and propose the CASE study model. We will hire participants (from the audience) and we will use Tobii Glasses for eyes tracking and recording the participants focus. The results from our studies performed will be critical evaluated and define the conclusion during the workshop.

About the Lecturers

Josef Pavlicek, Assistant Professor at FIT CTU Prague and FEM CULS Prague, Main architect of Collaborative Usability Lab HUBRU located at CULS Prague. Josef is focussed on the Usability problems and Using Artificial Intelligence in Computer vision technology

Petra Pavlickova, Assistant Professor at CULS Prague and CTU Prague. Petra is interested mainly in project management and business process modelling.

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